"Caught in the Net"
The Palms Theatre

How does an ordinary guy who drives a cab in London end up with an extraordinary life — two wives, two flats and two teenage children who know nothing about each other? How does he keep his stories straight and manage his time? And what does he do when his son and daughter get acquainted in an online chat room and decide to meet?

Watch it all uproariously unravel in The Palms Theatre’s hit comedy “Caught in the Net,” the sequel to “Run For Your Wife.”

Written by Ray Cooney, known as the British Neil Simon, this British farce had audiences rolling in the aisles in London and New York, and The Palms opening night audience in Mesa was no exception.

Victor Legarreta plays the still devious but lovable John Smith. He tells his little white lies with ease and — with the help of long time friend Stanley Gardner, played with comic genius by Erik Hogan — somehow manages to keep his double life a secret.

When his two children, Vickie (Jessica Webb), his daughter from one family, and Gavin (Jesse Staubach), his son from the other, meet by chance online and are determined to meet in real life, John’s lies get a little bit bigger — and Stanley’s explanations for John’s absences get more and more bizarre.

Add to the mix Stanley’s doddering old dad (Mark Kleinman), who shows up at the house thinking he’s at the beach on holiday, and John’s two happily oblivious wives (Caitlin Newman and DeAnna Zaccaria), and you have the perfect recipe for a night of hilarity.

The physical comedy is fast-paced and slapstick, full of one-liners, mistaken identities and improbable situations that had the opening-night audience laughing until they were practically in tears.

If you go

What: Caught in the Net

When: Runs through Feb. 8

Where: The Palms Theatre, 5247 E. Brown Road, Mesa

Cost: $42, includes meal; show-only tickets are $28

Information: (480) 924-6260 or ThePalmsTheatre.com

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