“I am for the Keystone pipeline if it truly does create thousands of permanent jobs like politicians claim, but there has to be something in it for all Americans, like minimum wage increase, infrastructure repair and all corporations who profit from it will pay U.S. taxes.”

“Certain members of the Gilbert School Board want to dismantle public education, so they are doing their best to make it fail so they can say, ‘See, public schools aren’t working.’ Then they’ll cash the checks from the for-profit education industry.”

“Why are private and charter schools being built at the speed of light? Who are the principals behind these schools? Is it some of the Gilbert School Board members? Member Colvin wanted his buddy Dwayne Farnsworth to get the superintendents job? An attorney untrained in the educational field? What next Colvin?”

“I am surprised the ‘Ruskies’ didn’t request security help for the Olympics from either ‘border’ sheriff Paul Babeu or Joe Arpaio. I guess Putin really doesn’t like gays or baloney.”

“Hey ‘venters!’ If Justin Bieber is the worst thing you have to worry about, you lead a charmed existence indeed.”

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