Local chef Owen May is offering a unique experience for couples who want to spice up their Valentine's Day.

May created "Chef with Benefits," a cooking class for couples with a twist: Men prepare and serve a three-course meal while their partners sit back and relax.

"A lot of the time the man doesn't cook so when he does it's a special occasion." May said.

He is taking registrations for the three-hour, three-course event on Monday, Feb. 14 at a local Ahwatukee Foothills residence. Spaces are limited, but May offers a similar service year-round. He teaches in-home cooking classes for single couples or multiple couples.

"Women love a man who can be in the kitchen and experiment," May said.

Customers choose between five different menus and he provides instructions and tips on technique.

"The big thing for me is getting people so they are not intimidated in the kitchen," May said. "If they just know a few little things like how to dice an onion that boosts confidence."

Ahwatukee Foothills resident Lorilee Pilcher was surprised at how calm and informative May was.

"When you learn to cook with a chef, you pick up on little things that you don't necessarily know about," she said. "The whole atmosphere is so pleasant. He doesn't rush you and it's just so much fun."

The menu for the Valentine's Day event consists of Bruschetta Three Ways and Gazpacho Triangle as appetizers, Chicken Angelo with Artichoke Hearts, Mushrooms, and Olives; and Greens and a Vinaigrette Trio as entrees and Tres Truffles as a dessert.

For more information, visit www.ChefwithBenefits.com or e-mail Owen at owen@amihungry.com.

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