My incredible day at the Renaissance Festival began as my family and I walked through the gates and smelled fresh baked goods. We met several costumed people and enjoyed catching bubbles blown from a woman with a beautifully painted face. Later, we met some gentle greyhounds, which were fun to pet.

When we were riding the Swan, I interviewed the man in charge and asked him who the oldest person to ever ride it was. He said there was a wizard who claimed to be 300 years old! I doubt this is true, but you never know who shows up at the Renaissance Festival.

We then saw Cale the Juggler do amazing tricks and blow incredible fire balls. Next, our family headed over to the petting zoo where there were lots of animals to touch and see.

After our delicious turkey leg and bread bowl lunch, we arrived at the Royal Pavilion to meet the King and Queen. They announced my name and escorted us over to the joust. I was able to sit in the top section with the Royal Court. It was very fun to watch the joust from on top, because I could see the whole area and the horses as they rode in from the stables.

After the joust, we went to the Fire Whip and the Birds of Prey shows. It was fun to watch the man cut flowers with a very large whip from a huge distance, and it was interesting to see all the different birds.

For our final act of the day, my parents allowed me and my sister to go on the Pirate’s Assault Catapult. We were able to jump really high on a trampoline. It was an amazing end to a wonderful day.

• Jenna, 7, of Mesa, sent in a winning essay to earn a spot as a Junior Reporter for a day for GetOut and the Arizona Renaissance Festival.

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