In 1999, my mother was 69 years old. My younger brother was 33 and had lived with mom off and on - mostly on - his whole life. He was a meth addict since the age of 24 and behaved as such - unemployed, always scamming for his next buzz, riff-raff in and out of the house day and night, many run-ins with the law, and stealing. He took mom's jewelry, a couple of antique rifles that her father gave to her, her cell phone(s), money from her purse. All gone. The neighbors couldn't leave anything outside.

So one day, she decided she had had enough, and we went to Justice Court to get him legally evicted. Nope. The constable said he knew my brother and he lived at that address and he was not going to evict him. We didn't even get to see the judge.

Fast forward to 2012. An elderly gentleman, 74, a snowbird, went to Justice Court to evict a woman who is living in his yard in a dilapidated travel trailer. She won't leave because she has nowhere to go. And guess what? Nope, can't evict her until you hire a lawyer. This is after she was served papers by a process server and after a scheduled court date.

It's his property. She has no legal right to be there. He just wants some peace of mind in his golden years. And with a fixed income, there's nothing he can legally do about it?!

Laura Caraway


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