Dalton Brady is back.

The two-time state champion from Chandler was expected to spend the next two years working out at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., ala Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo, who left Maryvale to do the same thing.

Instead, Brady returned to the halls of Chandler just as the wrestling season got underway this week, Wolves coach Vidal Mejia confirmed.

"Obviously, we are very pleased to have him back, more importantly, he is very happy to be back," Mejia said. "It's about kids and not coaches and programs. We have a great group of lightweights and Dalton just raises the bar for them in practice, drilling, intensity and leadership."

Brady is a national champion and Arizona State verbally committed athlete. He hasn't been challenged very often in Arizona, which why he sought the practice room of the OTC.

Others have trained there, like Desert Vista's Robbie Mathers, after being granted permission but Brady was invited and was going to stay with his father, Brian, for the entire year if not the extent of his high school career.

Brady was ruled ineligible to wrestle at a local high school in Colorado so it might have played a factor in the decision to return to Arizona.

After receiving an email from his mother, there was some clarification.

Dalton, who missed the Super 32s recently because of a groin injury, came to realize winning four state titles was more important to him than expected and when his eligibility in Colorado came into question the decision came back to Arizona became easier.

The family didn't want to risk and backlash (see Chase Knox and his transfer to San Diego for football) or risk not having some scrutiny for credits/eligibility per NCAA rules/violations.

The coaches at OTC were understanding and told the Bradys are welcomed back whenever his schedules allows.

His mom also informs me that Dalton has started his own training/Olympic hopeful blog that can be found here:


As far as I am concerned, he got five incredible months in the OTC training room and that is invaluable.

But it has to be a strain on the family somewhat with them living in two different states.

Whatever the reason, I, for one, am glad I get to see one of the best wrestler's this state will ever produce a little longer.

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