Dear Nyla: That vintage linen look seems to be everywhere these days. What is up with this?

Answer: Furniture is very similar to fashion - the latest trends will dominate the market. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find other options. However, the latest and greatest will be prominently displayed in most showrooms. Some of the pieces we are seeing are reminiscent of shabby chic, while others are definitely very French country. The linen pieces Nyla Simone Home introduced this season are very transitional, which gives them a little more versatility.

One of the main reasons you are seeing so much of the linen look is that the price of cotton has been steadily rising for about a year. Manufacturers are trying to present consumers with fashionable, budget friendly products. Thus, more of a focus on linen looks vs. the cotton canvas looks from a few years back.

Linen, much like cotton and wool, can be finished a number of ways. There are durable heavy-weight linens that are very suitable for seating and everyday wear and tear. The linens have always been around, and growing cotton concern will make them more prevalent in the coming seasons.


Dear Nyla: I really like your market updates. Was there any one product that you felt was the best?

Answer: There are literally thousands of new products at every market. Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be another piece of furniture or accessories – there is! There was one thing that really caught our attention. It’s really simple and a little quirky, but we love it

– drapery jewelry. I know it sounds a little crazy, but it is the best!

You have to see it to really appreciate it so take a look at They remind me of jewelry and they are really inexpensive, but are fantastic to accessorize your drapery panels. You can’t go wrong with fashionable, inexpensive and functional.

• Maria Bailey Benson is owner of Nyla Simone Home in Tempe. Reach her at (480) 422-6178 or

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