Surfing the web to find out how you can give money to the state to build a border fence?

You’d better make sure you type the web address exactly right.

A website set up last week at brings up a screen with multiple pictures of what is billed as the international border, with only five strands of barbed wire separating the United States from Mexico. The caption reads, “Does THIS look like a secure border?’’

It also tells readers that any money they donate “will be used for web site development and other expenses used in the promotion of the said border fence,’’ with an address in Las Vegas where people can send their money.

Only thing is, the website actually set up by the state the day before — the one where the money actually goes to build a fence — is at

But Howard Chinchuck who set up that other site, told Capitol Media Services there’s nothing improper about what he is doing.

“On my site, if you notice, it doesn’t say that the money goes to build the fence,’’ said Chinchuck who said he works as Vegas cab driver. “It actually says it’s helping build a website to promote the fence, not to actually build the fence.’’

And Chinchuck said if anyone sends him an email he will direct that person to the state’s official site.

So why is he asking for donations?

“It’s expensive to run a website and to build it,’’ he said. And Chinchuck said everything he is doing is aimed at helping the state raise the necessary funds.

“I’m completely for building a fence to keep the people out,’’ he said, saying his family came here from another country.

“But they did it the legal way,’’ Chinchuck continued. “I’m sick and tired of jobs going to people who don’t belong here.’’

Chinchuck, who used to handicap horse races on, said he doubts he is taking any money away from the state’s official website.

“At this point, so far, I’ve gotten one check for $25.’’

The state’s own website has picked up more than $100,000 in donations through credit cards, something Chinchuck’s website does not accept. But another more than $10,000 has come in through the mail.

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