Joan and Melissa Rivers

Joan Rivers, left, and daughter Melissa Rivers attend a screening of the season two premiere of WE TV’s “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” Thursday in New York.

Charles Sykes

Pasadena, Calif. • Joan Rivers has had a bad day.

“The dog got sick,” she says during an interview. “My toilet overran. It’s just been a (terrible) day.”

But there she is, dressed to the nines in black, with bright blue nails and sipping on a martini. That’s the vision many fans might have of the comic’s life. However, she says her life is much less glamorous on her comedy reality series “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” It’s back for a second season, beginning 9 p.m. EST Tuesday (WE).

The 78-year-old star and her daughter, Melissa Rivers, live together on the series and argue constantly. They battle over tastes in decorating, manners, men and schedules.

Very little of what Melissa does cuts the mustard with Joan.

Until last year, “we had lived apart since Melissa graduated from college,” Joan says. “She’s very strong. I’m very strong. As I say, we both have our own silver pattern.

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh, I’ll bet you’ll move out and get your own apartment in Los Angeles.’ I don’t want my own apartment. I want to stay with Melissa.”

In this second season, Joan says she’s a changed woman.

Don’t get the idea that she’s forgoing her sharp tongue. But she’s learning a thing or two about herself while living with Melissa.

This time around, Joan says they’re doing much better.

“I think the show has helped us,” Joan says. “I think we understand now, bottom line, that it’s great to live together, what it means to be a family.”

A year ago, Joan would never have thought it possible. The two bickered constantly after Joan uprooted herself from her native New York and moved into Melissa’s house.

Melissa is divorced and raising her son, Cooper. She also had a boyfriend that Joan disapproved of.

Though Melissa may not admit it, she needed Mom, too. This season, Melissa and her boyfriend break up, coming to the decision in the home that Melissa and Joan share.

The two bond more now.

“I am happy in my little room at Melissa’s house,” Joan says, “and I kept my apartment in New York. I have a lot of business there, and I go there once a week anyway.

“That helps a lot.”

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