Dear Editor:

In the opening sentence of his diatribe ("Wish Griffin would give details," AFN, Nov. 12), Jim Thompson falls on his forensic face, claiming that the GOP leadership would accept restoration of the Clinton tax rates for the rich. That claim is not merely false; it is preposterous.

Thompson's charge, "Griffin always talks in generalities, no specifics," betrays his need for remedial reading. In the brief letter he denounces, I demolished the argument that tax cuts for the rich promote job growth with these statistics: Bush 43 cut Clinton's top tax rate by 12 percent (to 35 percent). During his two terms, private-sector employment fell by 700,000. Succeeding Bush 41, Clinton raised the top tax rate by 26 percent (from 31 to 39.6 percent). Clinton's two terms added nearly 22 million private-sector jobs.

Specific enough for you, Mr. T? Do you doubt the data?

C.W. Griffin

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