Mesa United Way Pledge Campaign -- 3/2/2012


With about four months to go, the Mesa United Way’s 2011-2012 Pledge Campaign is about two-thirds of the way toward its $2,825,000 goal. But donations are starting to taper off.

As of Friday, $1,993,540 had been raised.

“It’s been slowing down a bit because people are still cautious,” Linda Haskell, resource development director for Mesa United Way, said in a news release. “Our regular donors are still with us, but many of them have cut back this year due to the economy.

“We’re inviting others in the community who haven’t given in the past to step up now because the needs are greater than ever.”

The goal for this year’s campaign is slightly higher than last year because demands for essential services by people in need have been increasing, said Mesa United Way President Dan Wollam.

“If you haven’t participated in your workplace campaign, this would be a great time to get involved,” Wollam in the release.

Mesa United Way helps fund 26 non-profit organizations, which administer 41 programs that benefit youth, homeless and low-income individuals and families, and people with disabilities. Volunteers from local businesses assist the United Way staff in screening agencies to determine which are best suited to meet community needs.

There are many ways to donate: organized workplace campaigns, direct online one-time or recurring donations, contributions in honor of a person or special event such as a wedding, Legacy Fund investments that can grow over time, and even donations of old cars. To learn more about these and other tax-deductible options, click on the “Give” section at

If your business doesn’t have a workplace campaign and you’d like to help organize one, contact Haskell at or (480) 834-2108.

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