If the parents or guardians want to see what their child is sending or receiving on their phone then it is their legal and moral right to be able to.

Children do have certain civil rights but the right to hide text messages sent to and from their cell phones is not (one of them). Parents are the ones paying for the cell phones and it’s parents who are thinking of the best thing for their kid’s well-being.

Detective Mike Harris has been dealing with the issue of predators texting children and has discovered that about 35 percent of middle school children have at least received a text message from someone they didn’t know. Harris says that he meets kids as young as 8 years old with cell phones and these predators will continually text these children until they get a response. Parents are right to take action and try to prevent this great fear of theirs by any means necessary. Frankly, it would be quite irresponsible if you were to give an 8-year-old a cell phone and not monitor its use at all. It is the parents’ right and decision in the end whether or not they want to take this security measure or if they simply trust their child enough to make smart decisions in regards to texting. Either way this law makes it a choice and not mandatory so no one has to use the new feature.

Ty Gilbert


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