Arizona consumers are receiving collection calls from fake law firms or fake government agencies telling them they owe money to a payday loan company and threatening them with legal action, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne said Friday.

Consumers are also being asked to provide bank account information to pay off the outstanding debt.

Horne’s office reports the collection call sounds legitimate because the company has personal identifying information including the consumer’s bank account information, full or partial Social Security number and/or driver’s license number. The company may also have information about the consumer’s employer and personal friends and relatives.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office reminded consumers payday loans are illegal in Arizona as of June 30, 2010. If a payday loan was taken out prior to that date and a balance is still due, the consumer is still obligated to pay back the debt.

If you feel you’ve been a victim of consumer fraud, contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office Consumer Information & Complaints Unit at (602) 542-5763 or file a consumer complaint online at:

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Unfortunately there are scams in every industry and therefore you have to be very careful. In order to feel yourself on a safe side you simply have to know basic laws. Such as: when collectors have a right to bug you and when they do not. These people can get a criminal record if they violate the law. Another thing is that is better make sure to pay off online payday loans on time, because if you don’t you can have some serious financial problems

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