Hypocrite: A person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements contradict his or her public statements.

Serial hypocrites, flip-floppers and fakes. No, I’m not just talking about three of the four Republican candidates that we all know but also the leading conservative voices in America that we’ve all come to love and trust. Who are some of them? Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, just to name a few. How dare you, some of you may ask who have not dared to go out on a limb and even question their sincerity. What proof do you have? I appeal to common sense, not the book Common Sense by Thomas Payne, but literal common sense.

Listen to these talk show hosts profess heart-felt desire for, and description of a true candidate they claim they wish was in the race for president — a consistent man of faith with indisputable private and public virtue, with backbone to stand up to the Washington insiders and establishment, never wavering on principles of the Constitution and the founding principles of true human freedom. They even say they want someone who is serious about balancing the budget and has a plan to do it. Maybe even someone willing to take on the feds, and all the unconstitutional federal departments. Maybe even a 30-year record to back up his rhetoric. They want a Reaganesque-type leader who can inspire a generation to the cause of liberty, and even who can bring new voters and true enthusiasm to the GOP.

If they didn’t name their candidate, you would automatically know they were talking about the only one who meets all of their criteria; that is Ron Paul. But no, they end their rant by saying they support Gingrich, or Santorum, or Romney. What? You just made the case against all three of them. How can you support one of them? And to add to their hypocrisy, they condemn and ridicule Ron Paul. They even go so far as to lie about him and twist the truth about the one excuse they do have for which not to vote for him which is his foreign policy. They lie and say he is an isolationist when it is themselves who are the actual neo-con isolationists of mandates, sanctions, refusal to trade, desire for pre-emptive war, etc., with countries of any differing points of view. These talk show hosts even condemn all enemies of Israel while supporting our public funds going to these very enemy countries in the name of foreign aid. Whose side are they really on? What are they really? Serial hypocrites, flip-floppers and fakes, just like the candidates they support.

Rusdon Ray


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