Celtic Nights

The sights and sounds of Ireland land in Wickenburg with Celtic Nights “Journey of Hope” Thursday and Friday.

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Direct from Ireland comes a new show celebrating Irish heritage with powerful dances and songs.

At 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday at the Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts in Wickenburg, Celtic Nights “Journey of Hope” will transport audiences through time in this stirring tale of the Irish experience.

In the tradition of performances such as Riverdance, Celtic Nights weaves together dance with the lilting melodies and plaintive lyrics of a rich heritage. This glittering production showcases six of Ireland’s most prominent vocal talents, complemented by six of its most accomplished step dancers, all set to live music.

Drawn from the history and folklore of Ireland, Celtic Nights tells the story of a people struggling to find their place in a changing world through traditional ballads and vivid choreography. A show fusing music and dance, the concert features the finest male and female voices of the Celtic world, showcased against a thundering backdrop of expert dancing and musicianship.

The rich heritage of the Emerald Isle creates a picture of a passionate people who dared to dream big and doggedly carved out a home in the New World. 

In Celtic Nights, their story is told through the power of music and the hypnotic fury of dancing feet.

Tickets for both nights of this performance are $45 for adults and $5 for 18 and under.

For seating availability, call the Webb Center Box Office at 928-684-6624 or go online to www.delewebbcenter.org. The Del E. Webb Center is at 1090 S. Vulture Mine Road, Wickenburg.

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