We are watching our country evolve into a four-group Caste System.

1. Those who create, make, produce, build, grow, mine, provide, etc.

2. Those who receive, take, confiscate, obtain, seize, devise, etc.

3. Those who protect, educate, provide health care, administer justice, entertainment, sports, written and verbal communications, etc.

4. The dark side of a free choice society — criminal, illegal, greed, abuse of power, corruption, immorality, etc.

Unfortunately, the number of citizens in group No. 1 are diminishing, while those in group No. 2 are increasing rapidly.

Over many decades, our country became exceptional (the greatest nation on Earth). However, in recent years we have witnessed a rapid deterioration of our Constitutional rights of life, liberty and private property. The present regime has instituted a utopian scheme (socialist) which is arbitrary and despotic. We are seeing a rapid encroachment upon Judeo-Christian values which were endowed by our Creator. Many of the founding fathers wrote in essence that “Freedom can only exist in a moral and virtuous society.”

There must be a radical change in the current establishment to avoid a total collapse and bankruptcy of our great country.

Larry Hatch


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