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Congressman Trent Franks said Wednesday he is leaning even more to running for the U.S. Senate now that he’s seen polling results and had more time to talk with his family about pursuing the seat that will be up for grabs in 2012.

“This is not a decision I had designs upon making. But now that it is here I feel like I have a responsibility to give the people a chance to choose between my perspective and Mr. Flake’s,” Franks said of fellow Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake, the only declared GOP candidate. “We have significant differences on constitutional issues, on national security issues, on border security and illegal immigration issues. At least we did until today.”

Franks was referring to Flake’s recent position paper that shows he is moving away from comprehensive immigration reform, which he has championed for years.

In the paper, Flake says he no longer supports any effort on comprehensive reform until the border is secure.

“In the past I have supported a broad approach to immigration reform — increased border security coupled with a guest worker program,” the paper says. “I no longer do. I’ve been down that road and it is a dead end.”

Border politics and illegal immigration are hot-button topics in Arizona, and there is plenty of precedent for taking tougher positions during campaigns. Sen. John McCain famously backed away from his support for comprehensive immigration reform while running for re-election last year.

Flake already has won support for his candidacy in a race where no Democrats have announced their intent. On Wednesday, former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington said he was backing Flake after earlier considering a run of his own.

Symington said he thinks it would be “a mistake” for Franks to join Flake in pursuing the Senate seat now occupied by Jon Kyl, who is not seeking reelection.

“My view of that would be that it would be a mistake,” he said. “That would harken back to an earlier day ... when (Arizona congressmen Sam Steiger and John Conlan) went at it” in 1976. “They just hammered each other in the Republican primary, and then Dennis DeConcini came in from Pima County, a Democrat, and won the Senate seat.

“We would be well advised not to get into that kind of fight in a Republican primary this year,” Symington said.

While Franks said he has seen some polling numbers that favor him making a run, a poll on indicates otherwise. The survey was posted earlier this month after the congressman hinted to members of Sun City West Republican Club he was contemplating a Senate run.

According to the survey, 68 percent of the respondents said he shouldn’t run; 32 percent said he should.

In terms of financing a campaign, Flake has a head start. the conservative Washington-based Club for Growth announced its members had contributed more than $350,000 to Flake’s campaign. The nonprofit supports candidates who run on a strict platform of lower taxes and less government regulation.

Flake’s fund-raising prowess doesn’t surprise Franks, who said he expects his fellow Republican to raise a lot of cash.

“My guess is that he will probably report in the neighborhood of $2 million,” Franks said. “But I’ve always been competitive in every campaign I’ve ever run, financially.”

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America has a new version of the E-Verify system that should be officially mandated by the federal government, so all businesses must conform or face harsh penalties. Currently Prison terms are not high on the list for employers, who knowingly hire discount labor. Painful fines should also be approved, with confiscation of business assets and property involved in the criminal enterprise. Around this nation an estimated 8.5 million jobs has been stolen during the illegal alien invasion, with over ten million in a legitimate labor force still hunting for jobs. This is not a satisfactory circumstance for the TEA PARTY leadership, whom are building their ranks of pro-sovereignty people. Americans are furious and frustrated with business as usual. E-Verify is voluntary currently owing to the blocked vote of Democrat, pro-illegal immigrant Harry Reid. It was diverted by him in the Senate from being permanently installed as an enforcement tool. THE DEPT OF JUSTICE USED THE GREAT STATE OF ARIZONA AS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN CAUSE, BECAUSE THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION HIS HEAVILY INFILTRATED WITH LEFTIST DOCTRINES.


Lobbyists for big business have been detrimental for generations, pushing their ideas, philosophies with large campaign contribution. Undisclosed cash and gifts hidden from public viewing and no policing, has brought portentous advantage in Washington and State Congressional offices. Like so many other Unions, the SEIU has unknown numbers of illegal alien labor in their membership, to abundantly add to their shrinking numbers. Many protests that we see today for illegal immigrant rights are mobilized by trade union influence.

E-Verify has been successfully overhauled and now has grown in popularity with hundreds of thousands of honest companies in every State implementing its resources. However, this is not so in the Sanctuary States of Nevada, California, New Jersey and Texas. California, with Nevada is heavily in debt, credited to the Liberal influences in its legislative politicians enacting laws in Sacramento and Virginia City. California, Nevada have one of the largest illegal populations in the country, where foreigners are draining the welfare, workers compensation, unemployment benefits and other public services. Many of these people are using fake ID, as countless numbers do for years, undermining many regular Americans credit history and personal information. Other States are just becoming more aware of the grave situation, caused by the economic aliens crossing our--ALL--borders or flying in from foreign countries.

Until a politician becomes a victim of stolen ID or fraudulent documentation nothing will be accomplished in Washington. No legitimate person’s papers will be safe as even new born babies, military abroad or even a deceased Social Security number is prey. Many are here to cheat the system so taxpayers are forced by federal law to fund their family’s education and free health care. Secure Communities and policing law as 287(G) are further innovations to apprehend foreign nationals who have settled here. Death tolls are rising at the hands of illegal immigrants, as many arrive here with mayhem in mind. Dragged from the sewers of foreign ghettos, they come to pilfer the people’s wealth, either by legal means or through criminal activity. Removing illegal immigrants from this nation will go a long way to reducing Federal, State and County deficits.

In Europe regular police departments are not restricted, by Liberal prohibitions with such ill-conceived agenda's as "Political Correctness" having every right to check an individual’s immigration status, whether they are driving or a pedestrian. In Germany, France of even Britain you had better have your passport on your person or other government ID, when it’s requested by the authorities today.

Those of us who are tired of the money influences and power of corporate and business entities, the church, special interest groups, and radical groups, should become a member of the rising sway of the TEA PARTY. I personally have had it, with my taxes being taken to pay for foreign invaders support. Many of who are only interested in taking our money, refuse to learn the language or assimilate, dissimilar to the early immigrants passing through Ellis Island. They came here with nothing and didn't take advantage of taxpayers. Tea Party is apposed to any form of Amnesty, which includes so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Rescind the birthright citizenship law, except where one parent is a citizen, Any form of Dream Act or Sanctuary City policies (STEALTH AMNESTIES), until the border fence is sealed tight and controlled by at least 5.000 military presence. America will always be susceptible talented workers of the highest spectrum, but not the beleaguered uneducated and hoping to reach this country, to take advantage of its gainful welfare programs.

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