Dear Editor:

Although I feel that Shannon Sorrels is correct in some of her observations of us "fat people" ("Warning: Change your habits now," AFN, Aug. 25) she is sadly mistaken in most of her comments saying we carry $500 purses, $300 cell phones, and that we are manicured and well taken care of. I have none of that but I am overweight. Shannon, were you just talking about the people who live in Ahwatukee? Or Scottsdale? What about the parents who raised their kids on beans, potatoes and spam just to feed them? And now that is what comforts them when they are down.

I look in the mirror every day! And I thank God that I can afford to pay my gym membership so I can work out everyday to lose that 1 pound a week. It doesn't just take people one month to gain the weight. And it doesn't just take them one month to lose it. Where do you get off? And how much does that certified personal trainer cost a month that you are endorsing? A month's rent for some "fat person" I'm sure. I seriously doubt you care that much about the "fat people" you had a deadline to meet ... right?

Tatum Padilla

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