Dear Editor:

We are quickly traveling down that long and winding road to social, economic and political anarchy, which usually morphs into totalitarianism (see: The German Weimar Republic).

ABC News praises Obama by saying if you don't count the Fort Hood terrorist murders and the foiled Detroit airplane and the Time Square attempted terrorist bombings, then there hasn't been a major jihadist terror attach during the Obama presidency.

Protesters in New York City now chant that 99 weeks of unemployment handouts are not enough.

Forty million Americans - approximately 12 ½ percent of the country - are now receiving food stamps.

Illegal aliens are openly and blatantly protesting (with their foreign flags flying) that they are looked upon and treated as illegals.

In Atlanta, a Ugandan-type riot is reported over the distribution of government subsidized housing applications for 453 housing units for sometime in the future.

Moral decay is metastasizing throughout our culture: Marriage is being redefined by the government, sex-texting is becoming a co-ed grammar and high school sport and a mosque is to be built on the Twin Towers ground (as a sign of our surrender and vacuous diversity).

If you viewed the anti-austerity riots by government employees (with sinecures) in Athens, Greece, earlier this summer, you witnessed a preview of what may be coming to America when the federal government can't find a printing press to support its spend, spend, give, give philosophy.

November may be our last chance to avoid a total and widespread breakdown of societal norms in this country that some of us love. Pray that November comes soon and pray for our president - Psalms 109, Verse 8!

-Alan Tindale

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