One look into Cole's sweet little face and you quickly come to the conclusion that you don't stand a chance of resisting this little guy.

He turns on the charm as well as his purr motor the instant you meet him. He loves to be held and he loves to snuggle in your lap. If you start rubbing his ears, he closes his eyes in contentment and gets the biggest grin on his face - you've never seen a happier cat.

In all honesty, Cole pretty much loves anything to do with people, period. Cole seems to know that the more he purrs while snuggling with you, the more you become putty in his paws. To ensure he has you totally under his spell, he'll top off the whole snuggle experience by gently touching noses with you. As a side note, Cole has the pinkest nose, yet another thing to love about him.

To learn more about Cole, visit RESCUE's website at



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