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tahnks for all those who followed



Team score

DV 30, Red Mtn 28


145 – Mitchell (DV) vs. Perez (RM)

Gym is a lot louder now that the Mountain Lions have a shot

Perez definitely the agressor and finally gets takedown with 23 seconds left

2-0 after one

Perez takes top

My bad,

Reveral for Mitchell to tie 2-2

Perez escapes and gets takedown

5-3 after two

Mitchell chooses down

perez goes neutral t to make it 5-4

takedown on nice double for 7-4 lead

kicks him 7-5

Perez gets low single


kicks him

9-6 with 1 minute left

clock didnt run... retart with 39 left

no more scoring Perez pushed the issue, was the agressor but dint have enough

1 pt for attafing head

9-7 Perez

30-28 DV


FYI next live blog will Flowing Wells Finals as I cant make Peoria this weekend because of wedding anniversary


140 –  Kearny (DV) vs. Bullard (RM)

Sorry tkdown for Bullard

reversal Kearny

Reveral Bullard and two near fall

6-2 Bullard after one

NO change with 43 secs left

6-2 Bullard entering the third

Kearny down to start the period

Bullard gets the pin at 5:28 and to keep team chances alive



135 - Love (DV) vs. DeRosa (RM)

Love No. 8, DeRosa No. 4

DeRosa with a quick double and 2-0 lead

Love gets escape and it could have easily been two as DeRosa slipped

Love gets in deep on single but leads to stalemate

Another strong and quick double at buzzer for 4-0 lead

Neutral to start second

Love with a sweeping arm drag to close within 4-3 with 1:12 left

Love throws in the boots, works cross body but leads to Pot Dangerous

restart at 20 secs

DeRosa escapes with 2 secs left


Love chooses bottom

DeRosa kicks him after Love granby attempt

5-4 DeRosa

DeRosa close to another TD but Love fends him off by scooting hips, getting to edge line

More blood time... killing me...  Hell's Bells another good song choice on PA system

restart with 39 secs left

5-4 DeRosa

More scrambles but no change, best match of the night

restart at 19 secs

Love cant get the needed TDown

5-4 winner for DeRosa





130 - Gardner (DV) vs. Sanchez (RM)

Gardner No. 8 and Sanchez No. 7 in state rankings

A good flurry on the edge but no change

still neutral with 27 left

0-0 after one

Gardner down to start second

uses stadning switch to get escape


Stalling on Rivera

Gardner misses points on the edge on a lateral drop

blood time for Rivera at 38 seconds

Gardner gets the takedown and gets instantly into a near-side cradle and keeps there until the buzzer

6-0 after two

more blood time for Rivera

Neutral to star third

Gardner tries another throw, but gets caught for Rivera takedown.. stopped for more blood time before he gets a chance to trying anything on top

Song choice of the night: Crazy train

After restart Gardner decides to go neutral

gets takedown wioth 43 seconds left for 8-2 lead

Rivera hits petersen for reversal but no backpoints

More blood

ok, restart finally

12 seconds left

9-4 Gardner

and that's how it ends

30-16 DV







125 - Mathers (DV) vs. Gutierrez (RM)

Mathers gets the takedown, working on pinning combos

uses half for the pin at 1:05




119 - Struck (DV) vs. Rivera (RM)

Struck got the intital takedown

But Rivera gets reveral and backpoints for 4-2 lead

Rivera gets two more NF on a half. It was about a 1/2 second away from being 3 as Jones  nearly got to a five count when the buzzer sounded

6-2 after one Rivera

Stuck down to start the second

More Near fall for Rivera for 8-2 lead

Struck banged for stalling

3 near fall to make it 11-2

Neutral to start third

Rivera gets takedown

Stuck gets headlock for reveral and two back points

Rivera gets reveral


Three more near fall

21-6 for TFall



112 - Ortega (DV) vs. Pfeifle (RM)

Ortega opens with a single leg for the 2-0 led but Pfeifle gets an escape

Ortega gets another TD for 4-1 lead with 53 seconds left

Pfeifle gets escape and double leg at the buzzer

4-4 after one

Pfeifle escapes to take 5-4 lead but Ortega comes back with third takedown of the match to regain led at 6-5

kicks him out


Backfires as Pfeifle gets takedown and 8-6 lead

Both wrestlers appeared to be gassed as third period starts with Ortega taking down

Riding him out so far

Pfeifle finshes it off with a 9-6 win after Ortega nailed with second stalling

Ends DV's 5 match streak

21-11 DV



103 - Mathers (DV) vs. Brooks (RM)

Mathers gets double, throws in the boots and starts cranking the cross body and hits the guillotine for two NF points

4-0 Mathers

And thats the score after one

Brooks defers and Mathers takes down

Brooks riding him out, which is great but Mathers reveres with 12 seconds left

6-0 after two

Mathers getting injury timeout for what looks like a knee

Brooks takes bottom

A lot close scoring from both wrestlers but no changes

6-0 with 17 left, Mathers looking for major

doesnt get it

6-0 Mathers

21-8 DV


HVY - Arredondo (DV) vs. Keledjian (RM)

Arredondo is a 215 pounder if it weren't for Bambic

Not much action, just the pushing and shoving, jockeying for position that leads to a bunch of nothing

0-0 after one with no shots taken

Arrendono deferes, Keledjian takes bottom

Keledjian gets escape with 1:00 left


Arredondo gets a double and the pin in 3:56

18-8 DV


215 - Bambic (DV) vs. Worth (RM)

Both are stockier athletes, not the cut, physically imposing kids you some time see at this weight class with the elite kids

Bambic No. 2 in state, Worth No. 4

Nothing through first 1:12

Bambic gets in deep on double but goes out of bounds

Ends up with the first takedown with about 10 secs left in the first

2-0 after one

worth defers, Bambic takes down

The sophomore escapes and then gets a quick takedown on a slick single

Worth gets an escape

5-1 with 1:14 left

Worth comes back with a takedown

5-3 with 57 secs left in second\

Stalling on Worth at 39 seconds

Locking hands on Worth followed by a quick escape by Bambic makes it 7-3 after two

Worth's choice and he takes down

Quick escape, takedown Bambic, kicks him out

9-5 Bambic with 1:20 left

Bambic shoots double, swithes off to single and gets the 2 for the 11-5 win

12-8 DV



189 - Dixie (DV) vs. Crance (RM)

This is one of the matche that DiDomenico said they needed an upset to really make a push

And Dixie takes him down to his back, off an arm drag I think, and gets a 5 point move in the first minute

Crance gets reveral with 5 seconds left to make it 5-2 Dixie after one

Dixie takes down to start second

Dixie gets reveral with 1:23 left in 2 period for 7-2 lead

He gets two back points before Crance makes his way out of bounds


Crance gets a reversal against at the buzzer to make it 9-4

Crance takes bottom to start third

Crance with the reveral as Dixie spent too much time on his hips I always got yelled at for that)


Stalling on Dixie

Dixie gets an escape on the edge

10-6 with 26 secs left

Dixie secures win with takedown at 8 seconds


9-8 Desert Vista



171 - Schoepf (DV) vs. Woodland (RM)

Schoepf's rise to a state title contender after doing nothing at state has taken DV to the next level

He gets the takedown and double chicken wing for a 4-0 lead off the whistle, Woodland fights off his back gets escape

Schoepf makes it 6-1 with a single lef and then power half makes it 8-1

Woodland shows spunk by getting reveral

8-3 after one

Schoepf takes down after Woodland defers

Schoepf gets reveral for 10-3 lead

Gets the pin at 3:04

8-6 Red Mtn


160 - Martinez (DV) vs. Davis (RM)

Martinez No. 4 in the state, Davis No. 1

A lot fighting for position until 24 seconds

Davis gets in deep on a single, picks it up for a double and takes Martinez down for the two.

Injury time for Martinez

restart with 10 secs left

A good scramble but it ends at 2-0 after one

Martinez defers, davis takes down

Restart at 1:30 no change

Davis gets reveral at 1:15 for 4-0 advantage

Martinez gets out for a whizzer on the edge, but Jones rules OB before getting release

still 4-0 with 43 seconds left in 2nd

Stalling on Davis with 25 seconds left

restart at 22 seconds

Martinez not getting hand control, Davis just following each move attempt

4-0 after two

Martinez takes down

Martinez comes out the back door for escape to make it 4-1 with 1;21 left

Martinez takes bad shot, gets caught on his knees and Davis essentially bullies him for thje takedown at 53 seconds

6-1 Davis

Davis chooses to go neutral at restart and gets another takedown for 8-2 lead with 18 left

and that's the final

8-2 Davis

8-0 Red Mtn



152 –  Campbell (DV) vs. Lott (RM)

Lott got the initial takedown

Lott used arm bar/ figure 4 for 2 near fall

then added three more on a simple suck back on a sitout.

7-0 Lott

Lott defers, Campbell takes down

Lott used leg turk to stack for two more NF

9-0 after two

Lott takes neutral

Head and arm schuck leads to a takedown and a 11-0 lead

Power half off cross body makes it 13-0

kicks him out then gets TK with 55 seconds left


Lott restarts from neutral and ends up getting just the TFall 17-2. Campbell fought off a headlock the last 22 seconds instead of giving up the pin

5-0 Red Mtn


Got Charlie Jones as the ref - one of the best.


Red Mountain sent out the whole for the team captain toss


Senior night now over, and the team introductions are coming along soon. I hope.


Apparently it is senior night so the start is being delayed even more....  and I am running out of material.


Desert Vista enters the meet at 4-0 with wins over Highland, Mountain Pointe, Skyline and Marcos de Niza.

Red Mountain is 10-2 with a one-point loss to Corona and the other to Ironwood Ridge.



The JV match went to DV 39-33 and the freshman match is still going with DV up 39-21.


The obvious big matches are at 160 and 215 with 135, 130 and 119 being quality matches.

I think DV has the ipper hand and Red Mountain will need upsets at a couple of weight classes (145 and 189 are possibilties) to make a push.

I see something like DV 35, RMtn 24




Both teams are coming of winter tournaments as DV won the North Torrance TOC and Red Mtn - after barely making it there because of flight cancelations - finished 16th out of 24 teams in a Pennsylvania tournament.


The match is starting at 152

Lineups (unofficial, coaches decisions)

103 - Mathers (DV) vs. Brooks (RM)

112 - Ortega (DV) vs. Pfeifle (RM)

119 - Struck (DV) vs. Rivera (RM)

125 - Mathers (DV) vs. Gurierrez (RM)

130 -  Gardner (DV) vs. Sanchez (RM)

135 - Love (DV) vs. DeRosa (RM)

140 - Kearny (DV) vs, Bullard (RM)

145 - Mitchell (DV) vs. Perez (RM)

152 - Campbell vs. Lott (RM)

160 - Martinez (DV) vs. Davis (RM)

171 - Schoepf (DV) vs. Woodland/Williams (RM)

189 - Dixie (DV) vs. Crance (RM)

215 - Bambic (DV) vs. Worth (RM)

HVY - Arredondo (DV) vs. Keledjian (RM)


The announcer here is doing some play by play during JV match and I heard "So and so did a good good getting off his back, but he is still down 8-0" and all of a sudden I had a flashback to my career.



OK, here we are again. The live blog from the Ahwatukee Foothills News. Tonight is an important Fiesta Region dual meet between the Thunder and Mountain Lions.

A lot of their top wrestlers are at the same weight classes so it should be one of the better dual meets of the season.

I hope to get started around 6 p.m. with the match scheduled for 6:15 p.m.

Just a few reminders:

The latest take will be at the top.

This web site updates slowly so I wont do it as frequent.

Feel free to create a user name and comment along.

Lastly, enjoy.


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