'Scorpions for Breakfast'

Jan Brewer has apparently found a good place to spend some of the donations she is getting to her federal political action committee: buying her own books.

New reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show the governor’s PAC picked up more than $31,000 in donations for the first three months of this year. That includes $2,000 from the National Aerosol Association and an identical amount from David Bego, chief executive of Executive Management Services, a company that has been involved in anti-union efforts.

The largest expense this quarter is more than $4,000 paid to Integrated Web Strategies $4,000 for e-mails being sent out on her behalf.

But the records show Brewer paid $2,462.75 to Amazon.com for copies of “Scorpions for Breakfast,” her book detailing her fights with the Obama administration and others over immigration.

How many books does that buy? Paul Senseman, a spokesman for Brewer’s PAC, said while the price of the books fluctuates, they are currently going for $16.28. He said that comes out to 150 books.

But Senseman said there’s a good reason for the purchase: Brewer is giving one away to anyone who donates at least $100.

And the way Senseman figures it, a fundraising expense of less than $2,500 to raise at least $15,000 is a good deal.

Brewer set up the PAC last year in the wake of her increasing national reputation. It lets her take donations from individuals and corporations to use them to help elect people to Congress she likes or, conversely, defeat those she does not.

To date, though, Brewer has not provided any cash.

“Obviously, we’re still pretty early in that process,” Senseman said. He said Brewer has “no specific game plan” for how she plans to spread the wealth.

With donations from the last quarter of 2011 included, the PAC has so far taken in $47,786. After expenses — including those book purchases — that left the governor with $39,447 on hand at the end of last month.

Senseman said Brewer has to buy the books because there are others who are entitled to their share, including the publisher and her agent. Senseman said he does not know how much the governor gets from the sale of each book; Brewer has repeatedly refused to answer that question.

When she set up the PAC last year, Brewer told Capitol Media Services that decision was an outgrowth of her high-profile role over the issues of illegal immigration and border security.

“I think it’s important that we change the flavor in Washington, D.C.,” she said.

“I think that I could be a big participant in having that happen,” the governor continued. “If we don’t do it here, who’s going to do it?”

Senseman said he could not specifically explain why the National Aerosol Association would be interested in giving money to Brewer to spread around.

“I think that they, like countless other Americans, believe in the rules of law and are proud of the stance she’s taking in defense of it,” he said.

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