Somenone needs to end this GOP tactic now

When are you going to provide critical funds to the people of the United States, Speaker Boehner? This farce must stop now. I know this is some grand economic experiment by the tea party extremists, it is going badly. This is hurting more than just veterans this is hurting the American people. Those valiant Capitol Police deserve their paychecks too. It is a shame, that you hate the Federal Government and the American People so much. You are willing to destroy the country because you hate this President so much. The American people love Obamacare. Don’t wave the flag in the face of the American people you are just a hypocrite and you are allied with the antidemocratic and racist forces bent on destroying this great nation. The American people want their country back; they want their government benefits, and jobs. Pass a clean CR today, not tomorrow, not next week or even a month from now. Increase the debt limit so we don’t damage this nation’s reputation also.

Jay A. Gittrich


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