Red light camera

This pickup was totaled after an accident near Grand Avenue and Primrose Street in El Mirage. The city is installing red light and speed cameras at the intersection.

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El Mirage is installing red light and speed cameras at Grand Avenue and Primrose Street to encourage motorists to drive within the posted speed limit.

Scottsdale-based Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. will complete installation within the coming weeks, with the cameras scheduled to become operational by Aug. 25. Motorists will receive a reprieve during a two-week warning period from the date the speed cameras go live, officials said. 

El Mirage Mayor Lana Mook stressed the importance of the public safety mechanism after witnessing first-hand a speed-related accident at the well-traveled intersection, directly in front of El Mirage City Hall.

“I looked out my window after hearing a very loud noise and literally saw this pickup hurtling through the air and clearing the guardrail before finally coming to rest in the drainage ditch along Grand Avenue,” Mook said. “If these cameras will encourage safer speeds in our community, then we should try them out.”

The posted speed limit along Grand Avenue is 45 mph. Cameras will flash if motorists exceed the posted speed limit by 11 or more miles per hour or fail to stop on red.

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Cha-ching! El Mirage likes the sound of easy money and taking money from those who travel through on the 60. If this road really was dangerous, EM would order a comprehensive traffic engineering study to see if the problem can be solved with engineering or if the safety problems are a result of intentional law breaking. Most of the time, there are engineering solutions that can greatly enhance safety at little or no cost. But the city didn't do any of these studies, because they only care about MONEY. Believe me, it wasn't the city's traffic engineers recommending cameras - it was the camera vendor, and the politicians have sold out.

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