It was a smaller world at Kyrene de las Lomas Elementary School in Ahwatukee Foothills as staff, students, and family members toured the school and took in a variety of worldly performances during Multicultural Night last Thursday.

The school hosted groups such as a Brazilian drum and dance team, and engaged students and families in cultural art work with the goal in mind to teach them a little more about what life is like in other areas of the world.

In the art room at Lomas, families shuffled through and younger students crafted animals out of construction paper as a homage to wood carvings from Mexico.

“For the younger kids, they might not have the skill to create something as detailed as to what we are studying, but they can be involved in a different way,” Lomas art teacher Mary Quinn said. “They appreciate the wood carvings and at the same time can be creative, too.”

As a combined effort the students took turns working on a group weaving, set up in the art room.

“So many different cultures have these weavings in their background and I really like the idea of kids working together as one big picture,” kindergarten teacher Mary Fontana said.

In the fourth-grade classrooms, students showed off their poetry portfolios that consisted of several different types of work, including a haiku and couplet to describe something about their culture.

The students created a slide show of their portfolio and showed it off on Thursday.

“They wrote a couple of different poems about their culture to look at a subject in more ways than one,” fourth-grade teacher Karly Kocks said.

Added Lomas fourth-grader Jordan Medeiros, “I like the rhyming part of it best. And I got to write about my pet tortoise.”

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