Check, Please!

A technician and makeup artist ready host Robert McGrath and guests Heather Doyle, Mary Len Wright and Dominic Verstegen for a taping of “Check, Please! Arizona” at the show’s Phoenix studio.

[Mandy Zajac/Tribune]

The most popular locally produced TV show on Eight, Arizona PBS, will soon take over CityScape in downtown Phoenix.

Eight’s “Check, Please! Arizona” Festival will run 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 28. The live event is meant to showcase cuisine from nearly 40 of the 117 independently owned Arizona restaurants that have been featured on the show.

A diverse array of food will be offered by the participating restaurants, as well as samples of fine wine and craft beer.

A James Beard Award-winning chef’s panel, hosted by the show’s host, Robert McGrath, is planned, as well as talks on locally sourced foods.

A cooking demonstration stage will feature at least four independent chefs.

Producers will also be looking for congenial fans to audition for “Check, Please! Arizona.” Cameras will be rolling to tape auditions.

General admission tickets are $60, and VIP tickets are $100. Tickets include food, as well as wine and beer sampling. VIP ticketholders will enjoy a private chef seminar, exclusive wine tastings, early entry to the festival and valet parking.

For information and tickets, visit, and click on “Join us for the Check, Please! Arizona Festival at CityScape.”

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