Grant Gaines
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Grant Gaines, a student at Horizon Honors Community Learning Center in Ahwatukee Foothills, has earned a prestigious honor in scouting, his Eagle Rank. Gaines conducted his Eagle service project at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control's (MCACC) East Valley location.

The project Gaines chose was to renovate kennels that were assembled incorrectly, and in need of repair. The project gave the animals a more pleasant looking and sanitary, enclosed outside play area. The four kennels needed new chain link fence sections, repairs, replacement of tarp covers for sun protection, installation of privacy slats in the chain link fences between adjacent kennels, and non-permanent flooring (such as synthetic grass).

Gains had 34 volunteers, not including himself, and he was able to earn more than $6,000 in materials to complete his project. With donations and funds he raised, they were able to supply each kennel with necessities like plastic chairs for volunteers or adoptees to sit on, large water bowls, and trash receptacles. Additionally, a cleanup of the area was completed in and around where the kennels are located.

The MCACC's main objective is to use the kennels as a friendly environment, and feel that improving the current condition of the kennels would positively impact how people feel about adopting animals. Additionally, the kennels are used by the volunteers' to help screen dogs with potential diseases, help with therapy for the animals, as well as socialization and play on a daily basis.

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