The race for the Republican nominee in the 2012 presidential election is getting heated. Because there has never been so much variance of those in the lead, candidates are having to revert to openly outing each other.

All the sparring and swapping of accusations are getting more and more aggressive. The multi-million dollars worth of commercials are getting more and more tumultuous.

They know they are running out of time to win over the Republican people of America. This is what makes America great. We have the freedom to speak freely and openly, and the freedom to fail and succeed based on those things that we do and say. Having the ability to show our opponents’ faults allows the American people to see the candidates for who they really are — not just the perfect gleaming politicians they try to convey themselves as. Every angle of the candidate is exposed by them, their opponent, and the press.

Although some may say there should be a clean fight, it is important that we continue to allow our politicians the room to make their opponents, and perhaps, in turn themselves, look bad.

Tessa Wade

Queen Creek

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