24 Carrots

Gourmet vegetarian and vegan breakfasts, lunches, smoothies and desserts make clean-eating a pleasure at 24 Carrots Natural Cafe & Urban Juicery in Tempe.

Courtesy of 24 Carrots

All of the holiday merriment has been delectable; unfortunately like anything else, too much of a good thing has left me with a food hangover. Thankfully, Tempe is full of fresh eats and green restaurants that make detoxing delicious.

24 Carrots Natural Cafe & Urban Juicery

1701 E. Guadalupe Road, Tempe. (480) 753-4411 or 24CarrotsJuice.com

24 Carrots has recently reopened in Tempe and offers organic juices, smoothies and a menu full of vegetarian and vegan comfort foods. I’d stack their spaghetti and “beet balls” against Grandma’s any day, and the mac-n-cheese with “facon-bacon” bits is divine.

Made-to-order burgers are available in a variety of cravable flavors with side dishes to die for. The icing on the gluten-free cake however, is the truly exceptional gourmet desserts. Vanilla cheesecake with pear and pomegranate compote has never made eating green taste so good.

Chop Shop

222 E. University Drive, Tempe. (480) 307-9336 or ChopShopCo.com

Chop Shop has new location near ASU and is the perfect option for skipping greasy chains near campus. A back porch vibe and a robust breakfast-lunch menu make eating healthy a choice you’ll feed good about. A peek at my morning plate includes the Egg + Veggie Hash made with sunny side up eggs, sweet potato, corn, onions, peppers, spinach and a whole-wheat tortilla. An afternoon pick-me-up includes the Jacked Up PB+J Smoothie made with whole fruit and strawberry whey powder, or perhaps the Tropicale pressed juice made with watermelon, pineapple, apple, lime and ginger. Whether you’ve resolved to eat more salads, or skip the sugar, Chop Shop makes it easy to make healthy a habit — and plans are in the works for a Chandler location to open this spring.

Herb ‘n Flavors

1845 E. Broadway Road, Suite 127, Tempe. (480) 967-2789 or HerbNFlavors.net

Herb ‘n Flavors is fresh, flavorful, fair and friendly. Organic, fair trade, and local ingredients are combined to create dishes drawing inspiration from Mediterranean and Italian cuisine (some with a spicy slant).

Regulars recommend the Jalapeño and Cilantro Hummus, Vegan Spinach & Artichoke Dip, or the Herb ‘n Flavors Sampler for those who can’t decide. Main dishes on my clean-eating list include gluten-free pizzas, like the Pesto Chicken, Marinated Shrimp Kabobs and Falafel wraps. Other crave-worthy bites include Falafel-French fries, Flour-free Chocolate Cake and, well, just about everything else on the menu.

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