Budding Entrepreneurs

Students from Lagos Summer Academy�s Budding Entrepreneurs Class create jewelry and other trinkets to be sold on their online store.

In a new class this summer, Kyrene students are getting a taste of what is like to be online entrepreneurs.

Third, fourth and fifth grade students work diligently on crafts, which are then sold on their class-created online Etsy store. To bring the project full-circle, whatever the students make from selling their hand-made products goes to the Kyrene Foundation.

“Each week is a different business lesson,” said teacher Liz Mangan. “We hand-make everything here and they know their sales are going to benefit a great cause.”

The Lagos Summer Academy’s Budding Entrepreneurs Class operates their store, Innovative Trinkets, with little outside help. They sell rings, earrings, necklaces on their store, which can be found online at www.etsy.com/shop/InnovativeTrinkets.

“They are a way creative bunch and we keep the ideas for products fresh by choosing a different theme each week,” Mangan said. “We are focused on what an entrepreneur is and what it takes to achieve success in business.”

Mangan said they discuss what it means to take risks in business and how to analyze the market for their products. To do that, she said they spend time reviewing shops of other businesses and learning from them.

“They look at the other shops and analyze their characteristics,” she said.

Other topics include wholesale versus retail, merchandising and marketing.

The class also involves the Digital Photography class at the Summer Academy to take pictures of their products which are then put on the website.

The Kyrene Foundation is a resource for district families who struggle financially. Employees also operated the Kyrene Family Resource center where families can pick up necessities such as toiletries, clothing and food.

To find out more, visit www.kyrenefoundation.org.

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