Chris McCoy of Glendale is a winner of the 100 Days of Giving campaign through He is donating the $50,000 prize to a number of charities.

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Chris McCoy of Glendale won $50,000 in an online contest sponsored by, and he is giving the money to charity. McCoy earned points for prompting people to join the website, a new platform that creates a foundation account for each member in which to earn and accumulate money for charitable giving. McCoy plans on distributing the money in his account to a number of causes, including one that was on the intended recipient of his chief competitor in the contest.

McCoy identified 4 Paws for Ability, a national organizer that trains and provides service dogs, as his first donation. A woman in British Columbia had entered the 100 Days of Giving campaign hoping to raise the money needed to acquire a service dog for her son with autism spectrum disorder.

“I saw how long and hard this mother worked to try to win. I couldn’t let her effort be in vain,” he said.

McCoy learned about and entered the contest with only eight days remaining, confident of a good showing in this fast dash for the top prize. founder Stephen Paletta appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show on April 8 to launch the 100 Days of Giving campaign which was funded in part by Visa. McCoy, however, he read about it on Reddit, one of many news sites he visits each morning before heading to work at Met Life in Tempe as a financial services representative. In a few days, he surged into the lead with his social media networking skills, rallying one of the communities on Reddit for support. is a web-based charitable giving platform and community developed by the Give Back Foundation of Port Chester, NY, with a goal of turning average Americans into philanthropists, each with their own foundation for charitable giving. The website, launched in November 2010, helps individuals manage and increase their charitable giving. For information visit

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