It's been awhile since the Suns have made a twin killing.

You have to go back to the original Sun, Dick Van Arsdale, to find a time when the Suns got the best end of the mirror image. (Of course, the Suns had Tom Van Arsdale join Dick for one season, a year after Phoenix reached the NBA Finals with a miracle run in 1975-76. Let's just say reuniting the Van Arsdale boys didn't exactly put them over the top).

Since then, the Suns have gotten the short end of the umbilical cord, so to speak. They got Taylor Griffin instead of Blake. They got Robin Lopez instead of Brook. We'll just side-step the Jaron-Jason Collins debate, since there was no real winner there for anyone involved.

It only seems like the Suns either (1) draft a twin, or (2) trade the pick away. But the trend continued Thursday when Phoenix grabbed forward Markieff Morris seven minutes before twin Marcus was selected by Houston.

Markieff fits a need for the Suns and he has the size, toughness and athletic makeup to help. It wasn't the linchpin move those who feel the Suns keep delaying the inevitable rebuild wanted to see, but it's not like Phoenix was in prime position to make a major move. Just getting the right brother would be a step in the right direction.

Flapping in the Bryz

Even if the Coyotes were a stable franchise, with an actual owner, and even if they hadn't had enough of Ilya Bryzgalov anyway, $51 million over nine years would have been a tough pill to swallow to keep him between the pipes. The Flyers had to trade a draft pick, gut their offense (they traded Jeff Carter and Mike Richards on Thursday) and forego any further significant additions in order to bring in Bryzgalov, whose track record in the postseason is checkered at best.

Good luck Philly. We'll check back with you in a few years.

Bryzgalov is rich now, but it doesn't keep him from tossing out cheap shots at his old team and old city.

He was quoted in a Russian newspaper article throwing his teammates under the bus as an excuse for his playoff woes and said Phoenix wouldn't even realize their team was in the Stanley Cup Finals much less riot like fans in Vancouver after a loss.

Nice. Sounds like Winnipeg isn't the only city Bryz didn't think much of.

Snakes Alive

The longer the season goes, the more the 2012 Diamondbacks remind me of the 2009-10 Phoenix Suns. The charmed life continued this week when another National League playoff contender (St. Louis) suffered another significant injury (Albert Pujols) to Arizona's benefit.

Meanwhile, the team that can least afford an injury thanks to a thin bench and rotation rolls along unscathed.

The Suns got the beat-up Blazers and the sagging Spurs in the playoffs and all of a sudden were two wins from the NBA Finals. Can it happen again this summer?

It's almost July, folks. This team is now a contender. It's going to be a three-team race in the West and a five- or six-team race for the wild card, and the trade deadline will determine if Arizona is still around in September. But if they aren't careful, the D-Backs might find themselves busy in October.

Quick hitters

• It's only June, and fans are freaking about not having football. What exactly are we missing people? If we have a new fantasy draft and rerun last year's games, I'm good to go.

• If it takes dealing Dominique Rogers-Cromartie to get Kevin Kolb into a Cardinals uniform, so be it. DRC isn't as bad as he looked last season, but it's hard to tackle people when you are carrying around your own press clippings. I'd rather have only one shut-down cornerback (Patrick Peterson) than zero quarterbacks. Get the deal done.

• Ron Artest wants to legally change his name to "Metta World Peace." I guess he found out "Palace Fan Basher" didn't get the same Q ratings.

I kid. If we can survive Chad Ochocinco and World B. Free - let's give Metta World Peace a chance.

Jerry Brown is a contributing columnist who appears every Sunday in the Tribune. Contact him at


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