Dear Gilbert School Board Members,

I want to commend Julie Smith, Daryl Colvin and Staci Burk for taking the rude, hateful comments that are being thrown at them each and every meeting from an organized group to destroy the truth about what is happening in our district. The Facebook page that is shoveling out the lies, the hate and the fears to pressure teachers and the public into a frenzy is shocking and saddening.

The truth ... is that we have, for the first time, in a very long time, have a board that pursues excellence, accountability and transparency in our district. The union and administrators, that have had their actions and spending rubberstamped for years, are finding it difficult to shuffle money and actions without accountability. The administration, staff and all levels of employment within the district now understand that lack of accountability and transparency is not an option.

For this I want to say thank you to Staci, Julie and Daryl. You are doing a wonderful job. I can only hope you get a superintendent that works with you and demands the same excellence as you do so your job is not so difficult.

Thank you for understanding that prayer is vital to our school district, our town and our nation. I support it with you unashamedly. Thank you for researching and doing the vetting on every issue brought before you. Thank you for all the thankless time, and effort you have put into this job without any compensation while robbing you of your time with your own family.

Stay strong and don’t let the hate, crude speech, and the lies intimidate you or allow it to diminish the job you have before you. We appreciate the excellent standards you have set for the district.

Susan Hicks


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