Dear Editor:

In response to Jill Dwyer's careful examination of my response to the "Sharing the road with cyclists" written by Dianne Markins (AFN, July 7) I would like to clarify my statement that riding two abreast is indeed illegal in the roadway outside of the bike lane.

That is where I encounter the few law-breaking cyclists that I was referring to.

I ride a bike in the bike lane and a Harley, which puts my life in jeopardy many times more than my other vehicles.

I have ridden motorcycles since 1975 and the point is that there are plenty of ignorant motorists out there.

I have seen them all.

I did not quote the law but as Lisa did, it is easy to decide for yourself that the law pertains to the part of roadway outside of the bike lane or an exclusive bike path where motor vehicles are prohibited.

When I said "typical roadway" I meant one without a bike lane.

My example was meant to pertain to what I see as a motorist.

There is a bike lane, a bike in it and a second bike outside the lane blocking the roadway causing the motorist approaching to move over the centerline or into the adjacent lane to avoid the "obstruction."

This creates the upset of legal flow creating the situation that irritates motorists.

So I stand on my comment it is illegal to ride two abreast in the vehicular roadway.

The law states verbiage "shall not."

Richard Careb

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