Dear Nyla: I keep hearing about these furniture shows where people can purchase all types of furniture and accessories. Where is it and how can I go?

Answer: There are actually a few furniture markets. Commonly referred to as "market," these events are trade events and aren't open to the public. The one most people talk about is the one in High Point, N.C. It is held twice a year and draws tens of thousands of furniture buyers from all over the world. Las Vegas also hosts a furniture market twice a year and this event rivals the one in High Point. It takes place at the World Market Center. Tupelo, Miss., hosts a small furniture market as well.

North Carolina is a furniture capitol, and all of the big furniture brands have showrooms and manufacturing facilities in the area. Many of these furniture companies have seasonal events when they open to the public to sell samples, overstocked and discontinued pieces. It is definitely a great way to find deals, If you live on the East Coast. Unfortunately, it can turn into a logistical (freight) nightmare if you are buying for a home here in Arizona.

These furniture markets feature millions of square feet of products and usually span a week (or more). The choices and selections are completely overwhelming. The Nyla Simone Home team attends furniture markets in High Point, Las Vegas and Atlanta. If you are interested in seeing a little of what goes on at "market," visit We try to capture as much of our market experience as possible to share with our customers.

Dear Nyla: I know you just got back from the furniture show in High Point. Did you see anything exciting?

Answer: Yes, we just got back from High Point, and I am pretty sure we walked at least three miles (looking at all the showrooms) everyday. There were thousands of things to see, tons of new introductions and HGTV and Food Network stars galore.

Color trends are constantly changing and evolving, and I think new trends are definitely Arizona friendly. Over the past couple of years we have seen lots of yellow and purple, which have not been readily embraced by our clients. However, new colors are trending towards varying shades of gray, greens, mustard and corals. We are introducing some of these colors into our showroom and are anxious to see how they are received.

One of the most exciting things for me personally, was the return of American-made products. American-made upholstery was the rave in High Point, which makes us overjoyed since that is what we sell. There are a number of things contributing to this shift - rising fuel costs, quality and timeliness. Regardless of the motivation for the shift, look for lots of "Made in America" signage in the near future.

Maria Bailey Benson is owner of Nyla Simone Home, a full-service showroom offering a wide range of design services, furniture, artwork and accessories. Reach her at (480) 422-6178 or

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