ADOT making home problems worse along Pecos Road

Dear Editor:

The Arizona Department of Transportation has purchased at least 12 homes in the last three years along Pecos Road. ADOT calls this “early acquisition” and will say they do this in cases of financial hardship or if the homeowner is moving out of town.

I do not know how ADOT selects who qualifies for financial hardship, but I do know I have neighbors along Pecos Road that have foreclosed on their homes and/or filed bankruptcy. Where was their help?

Do you need to be a government employee for ADOT to help? I know one home that was purchased by ADOT had a city of Phoenix employee and a state employee living in the home. These same homeowners purchased a more expensive home prior to the ADOT acquisition. ADOT even gave this homeowner moving expenses months prior to them purchasing their home.

Did they have a financial hardship or did they have government connections? Banks will not lend to individuals in financial hardship.

I invite any of you to check my facts through ADOT. ADOT has to tell you the amount they purchased the homes for. ADOT’s early acquisition financially harms homeowners along the Pecos alignment who are trying to sell their home. Not only do we have to deal with a troubling housing market, we legally have to disclose a freeway that may and may not be there.

To be fair, ADOT should have purchased all the homes at once or none of the homes. ADOT seems to be acting as a good-old-boy entitlement agency for those they want to help. ADOT should not have the right to harm the value of homes if they are not in the process of building a freeway. Attorneys will not touch this because they say it falls under eminent domain, but this is not eminent domain because there is no official locked down freeway path yet. ADOT has publicly waffled on the 202 for years while purchasing homes along Pecos.

Mike Jones


This administration is a disaster!

Dear Editor:

More than halfway into Obama’s first year those of us who did not vote for Obama are seeing our worst fears realized. But the dwindling number of Obama fans are just starting to realize that they have been had and this administration is a complete disaster.

We are still in Iraq with the same withdraw plan that Bush introduced, he has increased the number of troops in Afghanistan with no exit strategy, there is still no plan on how to close Gitmo, and his idea of transparency would make even Stalin smile in admiration. Interest rates are on the rise, unemployment has climbed to near record levels and inflation looms on the horizon. As predicted, his policies are making a bad situation worse.

Combine all that with the fact that Obama now runs Government Motors and controls virtually all the financial institutions (giving him the ability to shove our tax money into the pockets of his rich friends on Wall Street) and we are half way to socialism. He will be able to determine who lives and who dies under his health care plan, which amounts to no more than medical murder. He has changed the structure of our government by appointing 44 Soviet Style Czars that are accountable to no one but him. His relationship with the unions is so corrupt that under a current “cost cutting” amendment they will completely eliminate the department that investigates union corruption. Wow!

Under another bill they intend to sneak in big tax breaks to his rich trail lawyer buddies to the tune of $1 to $2 billion dollars even though, according to the non-partisan CBO, they would have to tax everyone that makes $75K or more at 100 percent to pay for the 2010 budget. That means every dime you make would have to go to the government to pay for his socialist agenda. I could go on but there just isn’t enough space.

And for those of you who whine “but it’s all Bush’s fault,” I would like to point out the country was in pretty fair shape before the Dems took control of the House and the Senate in 2006. Also, here’s a news flash, Bush is not the president anymore.

Obama deficit spending has out spent even Bush and every other president combined in his first six months. That’s 233 years surpassed in six months.


Obama has strong ties to ACORN as a former community leader. ACORN was founded by radicals with the objective to sign up everyone possible on welfare to collapse our government by overwhelming it with debt. Given his track record, one has to wonder if he still works for ACORN.

It’s hard to believe but we may soon look back on the Bush administration as the good-old days. Double Wow!

Tim Meester


Joe Wilson is the liar

Dear Editor:

The AP report on the heckling incident, in which Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) shouted “You lie!” during President Obama’s health care speech before Congress Sept. 9, exposes the myth about the liberally biased media.

This AP account significantly failed to expose the real liar –  Wilson.

Like Sarah Palin’s widely parroted lie about “death panels” in the health care reform bill, HR3200, Wilson’s lie is readily exposed. HR3200 contains a section entitled, “No Federal Payment for Undocumented Aliens.”

Could it be any clearer?

Wilson is not only an ill-mannered redneck boor; he is also an opportunistic liar, a fact I’ve not seen in any press account.

This is liberal media bias?

C.W. Griffin

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