The Presidio at South Mountain Apartments

The Presidio at South Mountain Apartments, where police say a tenant foiled a burglary Friday when he pulled a handgun on five men who attempted to break in through his window while the man’s wife and two children hid in a back bedroom.

Ari Cohn/AFN

Four people are facing burglary charges and a fifth is under investigation for attempting to rob an Ahwatukee Foothills apartment while a woman who lives there and her two small children hid in a bedroom, according to Phoenix police.

The suspects fled after the woman's husband arrived in time to interrupt the theft, police said. The man pulled a handgun on the suspects, forcing them to leave empty-handed, said Officer Rick Tamburo.

The incident happened on Sept. 24 at the Presidio at South Mountain Apartments, 48th Street and Knox Road, according to police. The unidentified woman called police just before 10 a.m. to report that five suspects were breaking into the apartment through a window, Tamburo said.

"Dispatch advised her to lock herself and her children in a back bedroom," he said.

The woman's husband discovered the men in his apartment as he arrived home and pulled a handgun, ordering them to drop his property, Tamburo said, adding that the suspects then fled the scene.

Lt. Mark Tallman, a Phoenix Police Department spokesman, said officers responding to the woman's 911 call immediately apprehended two of the suspects, and two more were located with the help of a police dog. A fifth suspect is under investigation for his alleged involvement in the burglary, as well, Tallman said.

Tamburo said none of the suspects were armed when caught. It's unusual to see that many suspects collaborating on an apartment burglary, he said.

"You don't typically see five. That's a lot," Tamburo said. "It's a little more suspicious seeing five guys walking around."

The five suspects included three juveniles and 18-year-old Edward Campbell. The fifth suspect, a 20-year-old man, has not yet been arrested or charged, Tallman said.

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