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Ein Mitarbeiter der WestLB Bank demonstriert am Dienstag 19.Mai 2009, mit einem Megaphone vor der Zentrale in Duesseldorf . Nach dem ueberraschenden Ruecktritt von WestLB-Chef Heinz Hilgert soll der Sanierungskurs der angeschlagenen Landesbank unter Fuehrung von dessen Stellvertreter, Dietrich Voigtlaender, fortgesetzt werden. Der Aufsichtsrat bestellte den 50-jaehrigen Manager in einer Krisensitzung am Montagabend zum kommissarischen Vorstandschef. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) A banker of the German WestLB bank demonstrates holding a megaphone in front of the headquarters on Tuesday May 19,2009.(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

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“I can hardly wait for the Tribune to start printing letters from homeowners in the new Eastmark development complaining about noise from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and suggesting that it be shut down. Here’s a crazy idea – if you don’t want to live next to an airport, don’t buy a house next to an airport.”

“What else is new? Joe Arpaio costs taxpayers another $975,000. In the meantime, the world’s most expensive sheriff is living comfortably in his multi-million dollar home in Fountain Hills.”

“Rufus Glasper, Ph.D., chancellor of the Maricopa Community Colleges must resign just as the head of Target did when there was a major problem with computer security.”

“We all know that Gilbert Public Schools is suffering budget crunches in excruciatingly painful ways. (Recently) a solution was presented, quite a brilliant one, and yes, it involves a budget override on the ballot. Not surprisingly, the board majority is skeptical, but objections are based on emotional reasoning, doubts, and unfounded suspicions. Next Tuesday they will vote to lift GPS out of the hole or dig it in deeper. The only way to make believers of these three is for all Gilbert Public Schools supporters to flood them with emails promising support of an override that will have little impact on your tax dollars. Just send your thoughts to board@gilbertschools.net, and do it now!”

“What a shame we no longer have someone on our administrative staff at GPS who can send out the numbers to our Valley newspapers and put it on our district website in regards to amount of scholarships won by our outstanding seniors this year. I’ve seen papers posting in regards to Higley’s district with accolades on their accomplishments, and usually they note GPS as well. Instead, there is nothing out there on social media showing how proud our district is of our seniors and what each high school accomplished in the way of scholarships won and colleges these bright young people will be attending. What a shame, our students deserve the praise!”

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