“One thing is certain: Although they only work 111 days a year, none of Arizona’s congressional delegation has taken the time to visit patients in the VA hospital. And what about veteran John McCain? In 20 years in Washington, he apparently never visited Walter Reed with its crumbling paint and horrible conditions, even though it was less than 10 miles from his office.”

“So the VA report is in! And there goes Johnny having another press conference to tell the people Obama is not doing his job again. I wish we could have got a taste of President McCain in action... we would be in war in every country because that is what he wants to do. Fight... As far as Obama’s performance, I think it is way better than McCain would have ever run this country. Johnny — pass the election hat and steal more money from the vets. They have always supported you full time not just when you support them only during election season.”

“The future health care for all Americans, currently on display at a VA clinic near you.”

“The Santa Barbara shooter was not a member of the NRA, so I wish these gun-control Communists would stop assigning blame where it doesn’t belong.”

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