Arizona’s legal system seems to be completely corrupt.

I’ve lived in Arizona since ‘95 and it seems as though every few months there is another story about someone with a fiduciary duty ripping off elderly citizens.

Just today I read another one where a nursing home operator seems to be ripping off another old lady.

Got her to sign over her home and give them large checks for thousands of dollars.

Fortunately the bank stopped at least one of them. But no one stopped them from taking her home.

Yet, no matter how many of these stories get exposed, nothing seems to get done to stop it.

Why hasn’t the Legislature passed whatever laws are necessary to imprison these people?

Why haven’t the police arrested this nursing home operator for obvious fraud and misuse of a clients’ assets and various other charges?

Yet they are still free to continue extorting money from this client even though the story was in the paper this morning.

Surely someone has contacted the sheriff or police officials about this before now.

Oh yeah, I bet these rip-off artists are registered Republicans. Profit rules.

William Maslen


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