President Obama came out with his "No Minority Needs to Learn" program (his plan to allow states to seek a waiver around key provisions, including a 2014 deadline, in President Bush's No Child Left Behind program).

Obama felt that since minority children weren't achieving under Bush's program, why make teachers work so hard since these students weren't going to learn anyway.

Now under Obama, teachers won't have to teach anymore and minority children won't have to learn anymore.

This way teachers won't have to be evaluated and minority children won't have to be tested anymore - a liberal-progressive-Democrat win-win kumbaya solution. Welfare workers don't care if you can add 2 plus 2. Food stamp workers don't care if you can add 2 plus 2. Medicaid workers don't care if you can add 2 plus 2. Employers don't care if you can add 2 plus 2. Minority children don't need to know how to add 2 plus 2 to switch TV channels on the remote.

Obama and the Democrats realized that if they can take money that millionaires and billionaires have earned from their hard work and give it to people who never work, then why not do the same with America's education system.

Take away the learning achievements from non-minority students by not requiring any learning achievements from any students.

Obama felt there was too much emphasis in the classroom on learning. He felt that social interaction and student well-being should come before learning. Obama felt that schools should be like Disneyland, a happy place.

Leon Ceniceros

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