Ken Lubic and Tracey Roe

Ken Lubic and Tracey Roe

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Why invite guests to a wedding when you can bring the wedding to the guests? That's exactly what Tracey Roe, LPN, director of assisted living at Hawthorn Court in Ahwatukee Foothills, decided to do.

She and her fiancé, Ken Lubic, a registered nurse in the emergency room at Chandler Regional Hospital, originally planned a quiet ceremony before a Justice of the Peace.

However, Roe began to wonder the last time her beloved residents at Hawthorn Court had attended a wedding. Since many of them are unable to attend at another location, they decided to bring the wedding to them at Hawthorn Court.

What started as a simple ceremony blossomed into a community event on Sept. 16, as Hawthorn Court residents were among the 130 guests celebrating the wedding to them.

That excitement led to eager participation from the residents, their families, and fellow employees. With the help of the activities director, residents played "Yes to the Dress," selecting the gown that Roe wore.

In addition, several residents created flower hair pieces for the wedding party, inspired by Roe's colors of pink and black. Most notably, perhaps, is that resident Wanda Luna was a bridesmaid, and Donald "The Colonel" Shaffer was a groomsman.

Not only was Roe married at Hawthorn Court, surrounded by her beloved residents, the community stepped in to help, as well. Sun Valley Hospice made arrangements for the wedding cake. Mountain View Lutheran Church donated chairs and the runner for Roe to walk down.

A local beauty salon closed its doors for the day to style the wedding party's hair. And a local artist, who is a family member of a past resident, created a wrought-iron arch under which the couple exchanged their vows.

For more information about Hawthorn Court, call (480) 559-8144 or visit

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