Dr. Elissa Katz wants to be the Next Top Self-Help author.

The Ahwatukee Foothills resident and co-owner of Living Inline is competing against hundreds of others in an online contest to have a book published. Her work, called "Compassionate Confrontation - How to Move from Confusion to Clarity in Minutes instead of Months," deals with how certain situations, such as a job or a relationship, can negatively impact someone's physical well-being.

"It really has to deal with the fears we have around confronting our compromising issues or situations and how to approach them with love," she said. "An important part is recognizing when we are experiencing something that is causing us conflict."

Last week Katz became one of 70 people, out of about 700, that moved on to the second round of the competition. In the next round the field will be cut to 25 and from there, the final round will consist of the top five. One winner will be awarded a publishing contract and the chance to speak at the "Celebrate Your Life" conference.

A chapter of her book can be found on the competition's website, www.NextTopAuthor.com, along with a video and other information.

Katz, who also conducts life-coaching workshops, said her book describes the ways people can confront the problems in their lives in order to live healthier, both mentally and physically.

"I call it a 360-degree view where you get above an issue and really look at it," she said. "The passion for me is seeing people being able to live life without compromise."

The processes in her book and life-coaching workshops stem from her own experiences and how she worked through them.

"In my life, I would end up in a situation that was incongruent or there was conflict in some way," Katz said. "There were times when I would get to a point in a relationship or situation that I would feel sick. I had to figure out a way to get through it."

To find out more about her book, visit www.CompassionateConfrontation.com. To vote for Katz, visit the competition's website.

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