I had an a-ha moment the other day. I get them from time to time. They entertain me.

I had stepped on the scale and gained some weight - and I didn't freak out. More than that, I noticed that I didn't freak out. Every other time I gained weight I wanted to throw the scale out the window and cry in my closet. Why was I calm this time?

This moment was the epiphany and it was two-fold: Confidence and choice.

Unlike before, I am now confident in my ability to lose or maintain my weight. I've learned what makes it all tick. My efforts equal my results - maybe not immediately, but over time they do. I'm driving the bus, and I take responsibility for it. Sometimes I'm in the ditch. Sometimes I'm cruising down the highway. Either way - I'm driving.

I also know I choose whether to lose weight or not. I choose to adopt the habits necessary to do it, or I choose not to do it, and accept the simple consequences. None of it is a reflection on me as a person. It is merely a reflection of my choices.

So there I stood, 2 pounds heavier, and happy. As crazy as it sounds, it's true. It made me wish I could bottle my thoughts: Weight-loss mindset by the ounce. I could have infomercials.

There's a peace that comes with separating "can't" from "won't." When I felt like I was unable to lose weight, it caused me anxiety, self-hatred, depression - you name it. When I simply choose to lose it or not, I feel confident and calm.

Hear me on this - I'm not advocating a morbidly obese person "chose not to lose weight" and await inner peace. I am advocating an education, so the ability to lose it truly becomes a choice, and not resignation in disguise.

How do you know if you are in the "can't do it" camp vs. the "choose not to" camp? You don't need that answer from me. You know where you are... and I know you know.

NSCA certified personal trainer and Ahwatukee Foothills resident Shannon Sorrels has a bachelor's degree in chemistry and an MBA. Her company, Physix LLC, works with Valley individuals as well as groups to improve their overall fitness. Reach her at (480) 528-5660 or visit www.azphysix.com.

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