Jette Davis, 13, is battling cancer for the third time. However, despire the circumstances, his dad says Jette's passion has never faltered. They created Jette's Journey, a support group for kids and families going through similar situations. photo

It’s an inspiring story of a boy who, against all odds, continues to battle and continues to win.

He's even been nicknamed “the fighter” on his Facebook page.

The main reason is because Jette Davis is just 13 years old, He's battled a rare cancer and is still fighting the disease.

His dad says even though times are tough, his son doesn't ever let it show.

Davis has been in and out of hospitals more times than most adults. His father, Duane Davis, said Jette is “a good, strong kid."

Jette was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a cancerous bone tumor, just days after turning seven.

Duane says Jette has “been through more than any kid or any person should have to go through.”

After 14 months of chemo and surgery, the Queen Creek family thought he'd won his battle, but that wasn't the case. Late last year the family learned the cancer had returned.

Jette has had his left lung and seven ribs removed in efforts to rid his body of the disease.

But recently doctors discovered three tumors on Jette's spine, leaving him paralyzed.

“Every time cancer throws something at us he just comes right back up and fights back,” his dad said.

Jette “has such a passion for helping others," his dad continues.

It's that passion that made him start Jette's Journey, a nonprofit foundation that supports kids and families going through similar situations. 

“You've got to stick together as family and that's the key. Just helping each other out,” said Duane.

With his family and the community's support behind him, Jette has big dreams for the future.

Duane says Jette “wants to get into robotics and invent video games.”

Organizers are holding a car wash to benefit Jette Sunday at noon. The car wash will take place at the Seven-11 near Val Vista and Warner in Gilbert.

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