ARRA and Mayor Gordon are both wrong

Dear Editor:

Mayor Gordon’s claim that the $3 million Park-N-Ride expansion has “saved or created 200 jobs” is ridiculous. This comes from a man running a government of 14,000 employees who cost taxpayers an average of $100,000 each. It sounds like he’s been reading President Obama’s press releases.

By requiring that Davis-Bacon wages be paid, this and all American Recovery and Re-Investment Act funded projects actually cost taxpayers more than they should have.

The president has promised to do everything in his power to assure our federal tax dollars spent on construction projects go to labor unions, even though more than 86 percent of America’s construction workforce chooses not to belong to a labor union. Union labor costs significantly more than work performed by merit (non-union) shops. It’s not hard to recognize why our deficit spending continues to grow by trillions, and why American taxpayers not employed by the government are taking pay cuts and losing benefits and jobs.

Keith Waldrup


Founding fathers weren’t ‘regular folk’

Dear Editor:

Linda Turley-Hansen again displays her incorrigible historical ignorance: “Progressives, determined to rewrite history, best not forget that this country was founded by regular folks who sought the dignity of representative government” (“Despite critics, Tea Party influence impressive,” AFN, Feb. 5).

Turley-Hansen is rewriting history. Under the founders’ Constitution, states limited voting rights to roughly 5 percent of the free population (via property qualifications and bans on women’s votes).

Founder John Jay, an unrepentant plutocrat, spoke for his colleagues, “The people who own the country ought to govern it.”

The elitist founders weren’t Turley-Hansen’s “regular folks.”

C.W. Griffin


Speed cameras do work

Dear Editor:

Robert Halliday, the state’s top cop, the new Arizona Department of Public Safety director, said in The Arizona Republic: “The speed camera program should be altered or scrapped.” His criticisms included, “This program costs a lot of money to put in place.” The cost for Redflex’s 78 highway cameras, hardware, installation and continued maintenance are fully funded by Redflex at zero cost to Arizonans. Only a small amount from each collected fine is paid to Redflex to cover expenses and company profit.

Halliday said he needs proof on the impact of photo enforcement on public safety. It could be the only way to change his mind.

In October 2009, the Arizona Department of Public Safety reported: “Collisions down significantly/officers proactive enforcement up.” Statewide, in their nine-month study: 2,940 fewer property damage collisions (down 17.6 percent); 1189 fewer injury collisions (down 18.5 percent); 43 fewer fatal collisions (down 19.2 percent).

Officers were increasingly proactive: Officers spent 9,224 fewer hours investigating 4,891 fewer collisions; conducted 52,791 more traffic stops; made 610 more arrests; arrested 52 more impaired drivers and 324 more drug offenders. Apparently, officers working jointly with photo enforcement can significantly increase public safety and multiply effective law enforcement.

Michael P. Roos


Back in the USSA!

Dear Editor:

President Obama’s proposed 2010 “Intolerable Acts” have aroused the passion of Tea Party patriots and their supporters in the rapidly developing United Socialist States of America.

Previously: at the end of the French and Indian War (1763), the British government found itself in deep financial debt and so it levied a substantial economic burden on the American Colonies through the Revenue Act, later the Stamp Act, and even later the Townshend Acts. In 1773 our colonial forefathers finally protested against this growing political-economic oppression – the “Boston Tea Party!” And it all started in Massaschusetts. In retaliation, our British government in 1774 enacted the original “Intolerable Acts” as punishment for the “Tea Party” and ordered that:

• The port of Boston was closed to trade and town meetings were forbidden.

• The citizens had to pay the value of the tea destroyed during the Tea Party.

• British troops were to be billeted in Boston public buildings.

• Colonial courts were denied jurisdiction over British officials.

These measures sparked colonial unity for resistance and rebellion throughout all the colonies onto an irreversible course to revolution against the British Crown.

Today President Obama’s arrogant administration is not only advocating but also redoubling its efforts for his 2010 “Intolerable Acts,” which include:

• The nationalization – federal control – of the banking and automotive industries.

• The federal takeover of the health insurance and health care sectors enforced by penalty of jail and fines.

• The imminent federal initiative to legalize 12 to 20 million illegal aliens to include “covert jihadists” and President Obama’s thrice-ordered-deported aunt.

• The forthcoming “CAP and TRADE” legislation – that is the taxing of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by you, your pet, your business and also the same CO2 used by trees and plants, which produce oxygen, so you can live and breathe.

President Obama and his minions comprise a pompous aristocratic oligarchy, using public office to sentence us, our children and grandchildren into life-long debt and hence servitude to the federal government through perpetual higher and higher taxes.

Hopefully, President Obama’s cabal of cronies and subservient politicians will come face to face with the wrath of the patriotic public at the ballot box in November. And it all started in earnest in Massachusetts.

Alan Tindale

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