Chuck Reeves has had a workout regimen since he started living in Sun City West, and the exercise machines and weights in the fitness room at Kuentz Recreation Center has been a big part of it.

And that’s been the case for the last 17 years.

“It’s crucial that I keep my cholesterol and weight down, because I don’t want to have any problems in the near future,” Reeves said.

He’s not alone. Cindy Knowlton, RCSCW recreation manager, said the fitness rooms at the recreation centers average more than 350 people a day.

In order to have a balanced workout, Reeves talked with other people and read fitness books to figure out what would be the best for him.

Then he chose particular weight and exercise machines and works out three days a week.

“When you have a regular fitness routine and stick to it, it makes your body feel really good,” he said.

Colleen Daily, owner of the personal training business Daily Fitness, said it’s important to do the research Reeves did before going to the gym.

“You want to read as much as possible and talk with your doctors, before making a decision,” Daily said. “It’s so important to have the right knowledge before going forward.”

Daily suggests taking those steps particularly if a personal trainer isn’t an option.

Daily Fitness does have personal trainers at several Recreation Centers of Sun City West fitness centers who can assist in arranging an appropriate workout program.

“After a some questions and tests, we could design an exercise program for them that really deals with their health needs,” she said.

She added that seniors lose 2 percent of muscle tissue every year, so it’s important they use the proper type of equipment and techniques for their workouts.

Daily Fitness personal trainers have anywhere from 150 to 300 sessions a month with residents, depending on the particular recreation center, she said.

In addition, Daily Fitness offers tours of the fitness centers in Sun City and Sun City West.

Knowlton said a third-year contract was signed recently with the personal training company.

“They offer a good variety of programs, designed to get our residents healthy and fit if they want the use of personal trainers,” Knowlton said.

Added Reeves: “It’s important that we all exercise and stay healthy no matter how old or young you are.”

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