Cities, counties, school districts and state governments all over our country have cut budgets over the past several years. Education, infrastructure, aid to the poor and housing assistance have all been reduced.

Yet, the billion dollar “non profit” National Football League comes to town with their $44-million-dollar-a-year commissioner and demands financial assistance from our government. All of this to have the honor of hosting their exclusive party for billionaires and millionaires known as the Super Bowl.

Inflated figures of economic impact grow each year. We now hear that this “party” brings in $500 to $600 million in economic impact. Yet, host cities lose millions and local services are stretched, with citizens suffering.

Now, the budget cutting Arizona State Legislature and our governor are considering legislation to give the host city (and the NFL) another subsidy.

It is time to say no. We can’t afford the luxury of pandering to the ultra rich.

Ron Pies


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