CLEAResult call center expects to hire 200 people in the next 18 months.

Keith Pitts/Special to Tribune

A national call center has opened a new location in Tempe that should employ approximately 200 people within the next 18 months.

The company, CLEAResult, opened the call center through its CustomerLink operations late last week and has already hired approximately 50 people to run it. The goal is to add up to 150 employees within the next 12 to 18 months.

“We’re already seeing a nice flow of qualified candidates through our doors,” said CustomerLink Vice President Frank Royal.

The call center serves as an outsourcing resource for utility companies in the U.S. and Canada with a heavy emphasis on green technology that includes solar, winds and nuclear, and it serves clients in California, Texas and Florida.

According to a press release, the CustomerLink service handles more than 350,000 calls per month from customers in search of product information and support services to enroll in efficiency programs, among other services.

Royal said the opening of the Tempe center is another step in his company’s growth – he said it’s also a reflection of the industry as a whole – will expand between 50 and 75 percent this year.

The expansion led to the construction of the Tempe facility, but the reason the company selected Arizona, and Tempe in particular, over another state stems from a number of advantages the city has to offer.

Royal mentioned early is the area’s population that features a large number of people who are bilingual, which he said has become a valuable tool for call centers.

“Customers prefer to deal with their native language when dealing with people,” he said.

Arizona made sense given its Hispanic population – Royal said one of the company’s top priorities was to appeal to Spanish-language speakers – but the goal is to incorporate Asian languages like Mandarin and Korean as well to appeal to California residents.

Adding the additional languages is tied to another reason CLEAResult picked Tempe, as the location isn’t far from Arizona State University and its deep pool of students.

It’s not just the language either; Royal said the training time for students who are studying a subject like engineering or have a degree in it can advance through the training process faster.

“There’s a lot of options with ASU being nearby,” he said.

More information about the company, including applications, is available by visiting

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