Sam Walton and his heirs are, by all accounts, some of the richest people in America and for that matter in the world. So saying, “Sam you’re the man” is not an understatement. As we all know, (unless you’ve been living under a rock), he is the founder of Walmart and the worth of the Walton family is in the billions.

So, I’m wondering if they are that well off, how come Apache Junction’s Wal-Mart shoppers can’t have a decent parking lot to push their well-spent dollars of shopping cart groceries to their vehicles. By the time we get to our vehicles it’s like Elvis singing, “We’re all shook-up,” and all the eggs are busted.

I don’t get it, Sam. Is it that we’re not an affluent enough neighborhood as you like or you’re punishing us like were the black sheep of the Wal-Mart family, the step child so to speak. We have winter visitors who live here who worked hard and want to enjoy their retirement going shopping in your store is O.K. until they hit the parking lot, they’re not in the mood to have to fight the pavement in order to get to their SUVs. In addition, we have hard working people who would love a fair shake (no pun intended) in having a decent parking lot like your other stores present. Our money’s the same out here in Apache Junction as in Mesa, Sam the man!

It’s always said to shop A.J., but, when you get a parking lot filled with grit and missing asphalt, who wants to. It’s understandable why they go elsewhere when you have to contend with ‘shake, rattle and roll.’ Sam, meet my friend Chip Seal or his cousin Seal Coat, you don’t have to dig too deep into that fat wallet of yours to have the lot repaired. It isn’t going to break ya, you’re millionaire man! I’m sure the company you hire will match your price or you can negotiate it like your advertisements on TV.

Lyle Anderson

Apache Junction

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